How to find good developers?

The mistake most startups and corporates make is to look for a developer with good university or corporate backgrounds. They fall into the trap of buying brand value. Big corporates nor Computer Science Universities are being generated because of the engineering talent, but through a self fulfilling prophecy: “I am big, I m perceived asContinue reading “How to find good developers?”

Thailand like most countries need a national CTO, to accelerate digitization.

I know that many people are preoccupied to give you much advise on any possible topic and especially foreigner’s are busy with sometimes ridiculous input. I am since 1993 in Asia and Thailand in different jobs and I have always been careful to understand different point of views before speaking out. My professional background focusedContinue reading “Thailand like most countries need a national CTO, to accelerate digitization.”

Ubuntu Linux on the desktop in the Enterprise

2006 In 2006 I was the Head of Global Banking Technology and CTO for Thailand at GE Capital. Part of my job was — and still is — to understand different technologies and see how these could be used in a corporate context. One question was/is always around optimizing and driving productivity around the desktop. Is there aContinue reading “Ubuntu Linux on the desktop in the Enterprise”

Digitization strategy defines business models

  The time has come where companies need to decide what they want to be, driving unique sales propositions, by customizing they Marketing, PR, and Technology or outsource with the focus on providing commodity (or at risk of being) products! A hackthon in a corporation who is almost fully outsourced is a mere marketing trick, toContinue reading “Digitization strategy defines business models”

ASEAN Integration Summit — Thoughts on integration

Thomson Reuters invited me to share some of my thoughts on corporate readiness for the AEC Asean Economic Community, based upon my blog articles. The following are my summary points, which shared during a panel discussions. General thoughts on ASEAN ASEAN needs visionary leaders who given ASEAN and the community a strong vision. Think Adenauer andContinue reading “ASEAN Integration Summit — Thoughts on integration”

Digital Change Strategy

For a discussion with a friend, who is CIO&COO at a Thai company, I have drafted a few pages showing one approach to a technology driven change agenda, around an enterprise architecture team. Enterprise Architecture is evolving to become a business and technology strategy and transformation office for corporates. The precise role depends on the organisational context. Architects – muchContinue reading “Digital Change Strategy”

How to use technology to compete with startups like Alibaba?

Alibaba is a Technology Driven Business challanging traditional corporates in ASEAN/rest of world and competing with it requires a change of approach. This means Thai and ASEAN Corporations must deploy similar data driven and technology methods to compete. Recently I wrote an article on ASEAN economic integration and the best approach to develop a target operating model,Continue reading “How to use technology to compete with startups like Alibaba?”

AEC – Selling out Thailand?

AEC is a sell-out or an opportunity? Market liberalization enforces corporate transformation Inviting the world to compete with the local industry is a life altering event with opportunities and higher risk challenges. Such is the journey of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) and the Trans-pacific Partnership (TPP) — the latter Thailand has yet to subscribe to. ThisContinue reading “AEC – Selling out Thailand?”