Corporate Consultants Are In Disruption

The unfortunate truth is, that a few of these “Leaders” (Or Major Players”) are responsible for the lack of digitization in Corporations and the mediocre performance. The only company I was recently in multiple touchpoints to be impressed with is McKinsey. They have reinvented themselves and are working with a framework of advisors, who have…

Digital Talent Chooses Culture over Corporate, drives transformation

A story about creating a culture and the best example is my last job, creating a startup in a corporation: In 2017, I got appointed as Group Chief Technology Officer for one of Asia’s and Europe’s largest retailers, to open the Digital Department! The key objective was building one of the strongest teams covering Product…

Flash first Thai Unicorn

The enablers of eCommerce like Flash, aCommerce, 2c2p, or JD Logistics are the ones who can seriously profit from the eCommerce growth. The eTailer segment is rather low or no margin in the long run. The other interesting aspect is that the 800-pound gorilla in the industry is less technical, less scalable, and has less…

Central Technology Retail Lab & AWS – Startup Partnership

AWS and Central Retail Technology opened an Innovation Lab jointly, to allow Startups to propose real life ideas and work with us in short pilot initiatives to pilot them in real business scenarios. The initiative an ways for application can be seen here.

Transforming beyond the crisis

Exciting event at True Digital Park, where I had the opportunity to share some thoughts on what has transpired during Covid and how business and technology has changed Central Retail new services since Covid Super Scalers are changing technology directions Organizations need to adapt

Interview: Retail & Banking fuse

A longer term friend of mine, who also owns an runs The Asian Banker, has visited me a couple of weeks ago and out of a great beakfast conversation an impromptu interview evolved. See the following Video and Transcript

Central Retail has IPOed

Central Retail “IPOed”, as no one could have missed from my and other posts. The 2nd largest retail IPO globally and largest IPO in Thailand ever. History has been made. Digital Platforms and OMNI Channel, positioning versus new entrants and teaming with partners, played a key role in the journey to the IPO. This journey…

Starting a CTO Career

End of the eighties I studied in Germany, focusing on a business and economics degree, and started a bit working in the company of my family. I was so excited about this degree, that I started writing the software my family business was to use, even sold it to 2 more firms. Since school days…

AWS Asia Summit Keynote

In April this year, I had the great opportunity to have a keynote at the AWS Asia Summit, outlining Central Groups, dramatic change journey, creating a mostly in-house technology and data driven capability.

The future of the workplace

Today I shared my thoughts on the future of work and the workplace at Startup Thailand. The audience was a mix of students, investors, startup founders, and executives. I tried to capture how work is changing and create a different social and work experience, requiring all of us more than ever to evolve our skills….